LADY AT THE BAT: For Yankees, Sabathia (Not Harvey) Story of Subway Series Finale

Monday, September 21, 2015

For Yankees, Sabathia (Not Harvey) Story of Subway Series Finale

For the Yankees, the story of Sunday night’s game was the stellar outing by CC Sabathia.  Sabathia gave up a run in the 1st inning before getting an out, and threw over 30 pitches before it was done, but settled down nicely to give the Yankees 6 very solid innings. The Mets have their own storyline, for sure, but the Yankees have to be pleased with Sabathia’s performance.

After coming off the DL, Sabathia expressed confidence that his new knee brace would give him the comfort to take the mound and give his all without wondering about the pain that would accompany each pitch.

Despite his struggles throughout the season, Sabathia has been nothing but confident that he could somehow turn his season around. Yankees fans should be forgiven for any skepticism they felt at Sabathia’s words but, in his last three starts, Sabathia has an ERA of 1.04 while giving up less than a hit per inning.

If the erstwhile ace, and still fan favorite, can pitch like this over the last two weeks of the season, he could be a difference maker for the Yankees.

Make no mistake, this game mattered to the New York Yankees. After the Toronto Blue Jays lost earlier in the day, and after the Bombers got some bad pitching news about Masahiro Tanaka as they head the crucial series against those same Blue Jays, the Yankees needed to get a win.

That they were playing the New York Mets, a team that has garnered a lot of attention for the way they have run away with the N.L. East, and that their young pitching has been so dominant, just added to the excitement of the game.

However, it didn't detract from the fact that, regardless of the opponent, the Yankees simply need to win as they close out the season.

Lucky for them, then, that Matt Harvey is a Scott Boras client. Harvey dominated the Yankees over 5 innings, limiting them to just one hit, but exited after just 77 pitches as he and the team continue to manage his innings in his first season back from Tommy John surgery.

The Yankees put up a 5 spot in the very next inning, including a 3-run HR by mid-season pick up Dustin Ackley, and didn't look back, as they won the game 11-2.

Tomorrow, radio talk may be dominated by talk of Harvey, Boras, and Mets manager Terry Collins and the tricky innings situation, but for the Yankees, that definitely won’t be the story. It will be the success of Sabathia, role players like Ackley and the fact that their #DnA dynamic duo out of the bullpen was able to get a much needed night off.

The Yankees may be losing the war for the back pages these days as they are still fighting to make the playoffs while the Mets have just about punched their ticket but that's just fine for the Bronx Bombers. In the face of continuous injuries and inconsistencies, the Yankees did just what they needed to do on Sunday. They won the game and won the series.

Next up: Toronto.

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