LADY AT THE BAT: Price Right For Blue Jays Now, But What About 2016 & Beyond?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Price Right For Blue Jays Now, But What About 2016 & Beyond?

I want the old David Price back.

What happened to him? What happened to the guy who couldn't get the Yankees out? I want him back. Now!

Okay, I feel better now. I'm slowly accepting the fact that that guy is gone. Probably forever. It shouldn't be this difficult to accept, however. After all, the Yankees haven't beaten him since he first appeared in a Blue Jays uniform, after the trade deadline. All they have managed is to win one game he started. But they didn't beat him.

Last night, of course, was his latest triumph over his former daddy (all respect to Pedro Martinez).  At one point it looked as if they'd break through against him. But, it wasn't to be. 

If the Yankees somehow manage to get into the playoffs, perhaps they'll be able to find it within themselves to finally beat the guy. That would be great. Even glorious, as John Sterling would probably say.

However, what about after that glory? What will happen after the World Series ends? Will David Price remain with the Blue Jays? Will they sign him to the zaftig contract he is looking for? My guess is no. But, then again, maybe Toronto will surprise everyone. 

I hope the Yankees don't surprise everyone. (Well, I guess it wouldn't be a surprise if they did it.) If they haven't learned their lesson with CC Sabathia they're beyond hope. 

I'll start saying it to the Yankees now, just to get warmed up: Don't sign David Price!

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