LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Beat Archer Again, Keep Pace With Toronto

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yankees Beat Archer Again, Keep Pace With Toronto

Well, who would have thought the Yankees could beat Chris Archer two straight times?  If you said you did, I have a feeling you're lying.  But, lie all you want. Enjoy the fun.

Last week it was veterans Brian McCann and Alex Rodriguez who did Archer in. Last night it was the kids: Luis Severino, who out-pitched him, and Greg Bird, who got a key hit off him. Archer did break the Rays' single-season strikeout record but, other than that, he suffered his second straight loss to the New York Yankees.

Speaking of the kids, isn't it nice to know the future looks so great?  If he stays healthy, Severino will be a mainstay in the Yankees rotation for at least the next five years. As for Bird, even when Mark Teixeira comes back next Spring Training, I see him remaining on the roster to spell both Tex and A-Rod throughout the season.

Today is the team's last off-day of the year. They'll be scoreboard watching, of course, hoping that the Braves can somehow eke out a win against the Blue Jays. They're not holding their breath, of course, and neither am I. The only thing to do is breathe.

In. Out. In...

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