LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees On Verge of Berth-Day: When Should They Celebrate?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Yankees On Verge of Berth-Day: When Should They Celebrate?

Whenever the Yankees clinch, if it isn't tonight, it will be the end of a two-year absence from playoff baseball. For Yankee fans lucky enough not to have witnessed the era before Derek Jeter, it has been a long drought.

But, wait. Can earning a chance to play in the Wild Card Game really be considered making the playoffs? I say no.

Since the second Wild Card was added a few years ago, I have been adamant in my stance about it. The Wild Card Game is really a play-in game. Two teams are playing to get into the playoffs, not to stay in them.

Which brings us to what manager Joe Girardi said the other day: Securing one of the two Wild Cards would be something to celebrate after having missed the playoffs the past two years. I couldn't disagree more. The celebration should be saved for if and when they win the Wild Card Game. If they don't wait, it's premature.

I wonder if this premature celebration would take place if Derek Jeter were still on the team. Something tells me it wouldn't. Oh, well. A celebration Girardi wants, a celebration he will get.

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