LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees End Season in Disappointing Fashion

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Yankees End Season in Disappointing Fashion

The Yankees 2015 season is officially over. Not after game 162, but right after what some call game 163. This hurts. There’s no way around it. There’s no way to sugarcoat the pain, at least not right now.

On Tuesday night, the Yankees went out with a whimper against the Houston Astros, losing 3-0 and mustering just three hits, all singles, against Dallas Keuchel operating on three days rest, backed by a tired Astros bullpen.

From starting pitching, to the bullpen, to the offense, it was terrible game.

Tanaka gave up home runs, both bombs, to Colby Rasmus and Carlos Gomez. Joe Girardi showed zero faith in the Yankees ace, who is signed through 2020, by pulling him after just 5 IP so he wouldn’t have to face Rasmus and Gomez again. Dellin Betances showed his exhaustion by giving up yet another run. Jacoby Ellsbury didn’t even start the game (though he popped out in a pinch hit AB) and Brett Gardner, who went 0-for-4 with 3 SO’s, probably shouldn’t have either.

Such a dismal performance was not wholly unexpected. After all, Yankees fans watched their team with angst over the past few weeks. The pitchers weren’t pitching and, more concerning, the hitters weren’t hitting. As a team, out of the 30 MLB teams, their batting average was 28th, 26th in overall hits and they were tied for 12th place in SO’s. Of course, in HRs, they were 5th. The team was living, but mostly dying, by the HR.

They simply did not look like a good team. Still fans crossed their fingers. With a nice blend of veterans and rookies showing poise exceeding their years of service, there was hope that, once they got into the postseason, they would go back to gelling. Back to their mid-summer winning ways. After all, these were the Yankees and this was the postseason. Anything was possible.

Instead, the team faltered in a big way and they had to watch another team celebrate on their turf. Had to watch their season end in not just disappointing fashion, but embarrassing fashion. And it hurts. It must hurt at least as badly for the team as it does for their fans.

Later there will be time to talk about how wonderful it was that the Yankees even made the playoffs, given their early season projections. How terrific it was to see rookies like Greg Bird, Luis Severino and even Rob Refsnyder come up and make an impact. How inspiring it was that the team overcame so many injuries to be one of the last 10 teams standing. How bright the future looks.

That will have to come later. Right now, today, it's time to hurt.

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