LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees' A-Rod Has Changed My Mind (Well, Not Completely)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Yankees' A-Rod Has Changed My Mind (Well, Not Completely)

Back in August, reports surfaced that representatives for Alex Rodriguez were negotiating with FOX Sports, in case the opportunity presented itself for him to be an analyst during the network's postseason coverage. Well, that opportunity has arrived and A-Rod has grabbed it.

Grabbed it and overthrown it, you could say.

When I heard the rumors back in August, my reaction was like, "So what?" By then, my attitude towards A-Rod had softened, so much so that I was openly cheering for him. I've come a long way.

It was pretty easy, actually. Especially after seeing him play like the 40-year-old he is late in the season. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it proves he wasn't using PEDS this past season.

When athletes commit crimes, or otherwise break the rules, I am always the first to say, "he served his time/paid his dues, let him play." I angered at least one animal lover with this attitude when Michael Vick returned to the football field shortly after his release from prison.

However, with Alex Rodriguez it was different. I couldn't get "Judge me from here on out" out of my mind. I felt the betrayal personally.

As the season progressed, he did what I thought he'd never be able to do: he changed my mind.

Well, not completely. I am still adamantly against the idea of Alex Rodriguez winning any comeback player of the year award. Awards like that should be reserved for players coming back from injuries, or players who have had several consecutive bad seasons.

One could argue that A-Rod falls into both of these categories, but I disagree. His suspension gave him the chance to rest and to heal, an advantage players like Prince Fielder did not have. Had he not been suspended, his name would not even be in the discussion.

He'll be doing his own discussing, starting tonight in the FOX studio. I sincerely hope he does well and has fun.

Congrats, A-Rod.

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