LADY AT THE BAT: Hot Stove More Fun With Yankees On Front Burner

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hot Stove More Fun With Yankees On Front Burner

The stove has only just been fired up and, already, the New York Yankees are on the front burner.

GM Brian Cashman has been quoted as saying he is willing to listen to offers for anyone on the team's roster, including the most recently dropped name, Andrew Miller. This has caused a firestorm, both on social media and in the traditional media. 

However, before the storm does anymore damage, it should understand this:

He's absolutely right. By listening to offers, Cashman is doing what every GM is supposed to do: his job.

Of course, more attention is paid to Cashman's job than to that of every other GM. Why?  For the same reason the Yankees are on the front burner: the off-season is more fun that way.

Yes, some of this focus is likely due to rumors started by the representatives of free agents. It has to be when the rumor involves a starting pitcher. The Yankees already have six-plus starters. There is no room in the in(nings).

Whatever the case, take a deep breath, Yankees Universe. Enjoy the hot stove, and try not to let it burn you.

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