LADY AT THE BAT: Attention Yankees Fans: Your Team IS Still Interested In Winning

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Attention Yankees Fans: Your Team IS Still Interested In Winning

The news had barely been tweeted and/or posted before the complaints began. Complaints from Yankees fans about the Boston Red Sox, their team's arch-rivals, signing the biggest player in this year's free agent class: David Price.

The complaints could be summarized with one sentence: "The Yankees are no longer interested in winning."

Really, Yankees fans? Have you learned nothing from the past seven or eight years? It's not that the Yankees are no longer interested in winning, it's that they are no longer interested in DEAD CONTRACTS.

Let's see: There's CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira, Carlos Beltran and Alex Rodriguez.

No, don't say A-Rod doesn't belong on the list. The only reason he had a good 2015 was because he had 2014 to rest and re-charge. All four of these guys will be another year older in 2016, and less likely to make meaningful contributions to the team. 

The Yankees understand all of this, so there is no way they're going to risk making the same mistake a fifth time, even if David Price is more pitcher than thrower. 

Enjoy Boston, Mr Price, and may you never find success against the Yankees again.


Roger B said...

The last World Series we won because we bought CC. We need a left handed ace. If we hadn't bought CC, it would be 26 years without a World Series Championship.

Seriously, we should be happy we didn't buy David Price. Are you kidding?
The Yankees make more money than any other baseball team. Hal Steinbrenner is cheap. Who cares if David Price is crappy in six years? Who cares how much money Hal Steinbrenner pockets? This is a .500 team without an ace. Can we stop rooting for the Yankees to save money, and start rooting for a team capable of winning the World Series?

Anonymous said...

The Yanks need an ace. A true #1. A Price, Greinke, Zimmermann, Strasburg, Cueto.......Tanaka isn't an ace. Personal feelings aside, he was the best available. Not sure he's a fit in Boston. Traditionally, lefties don't get along well with the Green Monstah. So, we'll see.

Tex doesn't belong on your list, nor Beltran. Say what you will, but the issue hasn't been hitting, it's been pitching, and little of it is the fault of Sabathia.

Bob Z said...

The Yankees won the WS in 2000. It would be 15 years, not 26