LADY AT THE BAT: Trade Breakdown: Starlin Castro To The Yankees

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Trade Breakdown: Starlin Castro To The Yankees

Starlin Castro has been on my personal radar since November of last year.  At that time I thought of him as a possible heir to The Captain, but since the Cubs moved him over to 2B this past season, I have worn my heart on my sleeve for Rob Refsnyder.

Of course, I need to stop doing that, because Refsnyder's bags are all but packed right now, and Castro will form what will likely be an excellent double play combo with SS Didi Gregorius. Both infielders are young, and Castro is under contract through 2019.

As Brian Cashman said, yesterday, Castro is also athletic and provides more offense from the right side, with a history of hitting lefties. Castro didn't embarrass himself at 2B this past season either.

So, in honor of converting him to 2B, can we call the Yankees' newest player the Castro Convertible? Beat writer Wallace Mathews made this reference on Twitter last night.  Our older readers will understand exactly what Mathews was talking about, but for you youngsters out there, take a look at this:

While I was growing up there was always a Castro Convertible in the house. For that reason, and for the obvious fact that my name is Bernadette, I held a special affinity for the brand. However, while Bernadette Castro was (supposedly) able to open her Castro at the age of four, I was still having trouble at age seven.

No worries, though. I gained the strength. Starlin Castro has gained the strength, too, and he will likely be a star at 2B for the next several seasons.

Welcome to the Yankees, Starlin Castro.

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