LADY AT THE BAT: With Bird Down, Yankees' Cashman Must Work His Magic Again

Monday, February 1, 2016

With Bird Down, Yankees' Cashman Must Work His Magic Again

You would think that it was already 2017.

As soon as Greg Bird's season-cancelling injury was announced, Yankees Universe responded with a reaction that made me stop and ask myself, "Did I miss something? Did I miss a previous announcement, that Mark Teixeira was already out for the season?

"Maybe I slept through the 2016 season. Yeah, maybe that's it. Teixeira is gone, it's 2017 and Greg Bird has already fallen out of his nest. What are the Yankees going to d-o-o-o-o-o-o?"

Come on, folks. Why is it so hard to remember that there was no spot for Greg Bird on the 2016 25-man roster? He was ticketed for Scranton. The only way he was going to see playing time was if Teixeira got hurt.

Okay, I'm not stupid. I know all about brittle Mark Teixeira. He's going to get hurt. Also, who's to say Greg Bird will actually be ready to go in 2017?  No one knows for sure. However, the moves Brian Cashman has made over the past few years have given me the confidence that he can work his magic once again. Whether it's Dustin Ackley, Pedro Alvarez, Justin Morneau or someone else, there will be someone backing up Tex at 1B on Opening Day. 

Get well soon, Birdie and stay healthy, Tex.

Take a deep breath, Yankees Universe.

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