LADY AT THE BAT: Christina Predicts! The 2016 New York Yankees

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Christina Predicts! The 2016 New York Yankees

With the 2016 season set to begin on Monday, it's time for annual predictions! Regular readers of this blog have, perhaps, come to expect our annual Lady's Choice Series. However, this year we have done something different, devoting a single post to each of the blog's contributors. We start things off with Christina Brown:

In my mind, the New York Yankees 2016 season will come down to one thing: health.  If healthy, this team could contend for the A.L. East division title.  If not, they may be fighting to stay out of the basement.  That’s a testament both to how fragile this team is and how tightly packed the A.L. East truly is this year.

A lot of the health questions are in the rotation, as 5 of the 6 candidates (including both CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova) are injury prone, and Luis Severino is young and unproven over a full season.  Still, when healthy, 4 of those 6 (this time excluding Sabathia and Nova) can be absolutely dominant and, as they say, “pitching wins championships.”

For the position players, I’m expecting some reversal of fortunes but that may, on the whole, be a good thing.  The older players (Mark Teixeira, Calos Beltran, etc.) will fall off a bit but the younger players should pick up the slack. There’s simply no way Ellsbury and Gardner can be as bad as they were in the second half.  Right?  On top of that, Didi Gregorious and Starlin Castro look like a dynamic, lively duo in the field and at the plate, giving the lineup some speed sprinkled throughout.  Even Chase Headley has looked good with the glove, which should take some pressure off Teixeira and the pitching staff.  

All these observations are contingent on health and are built, somewhat, on the rose colored glasses all fans are allowed to wear in late March.  Nevertheless, I’m filled to the brim with optimism so I’ll say, while it will definitely be a struggle, come playoff season, the Yankees will be there again.  

Prediction:  88 wins, 2nd in A.L. East, 2nd A.L. Wild Card spot.  Let’s go Yankees! 

Christina is always the optimist! Tomorrow Pete Colgan will give his own season predictions, followed by The Lady's on Friday.

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