LADY AT THE BAT: How To Beat The 2016 New York Yankees

Thursday, April 28, 2016

How To Beat The 2016 New York Yankees

The formula has been simple: Throw a lefty at the Yankees and get a lead by the sixth inning.  That's really all an opposing team needs to do, as long as the anemic Yankee offense continues to fail at re-taking the lead. We saw it again in last night's series finale against the Rangers in Texas.

If this keeps up, the addition of Aroldis Chapman in a little less than two weeks will mean absolutely nothing. As it is, Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller are barely keeping the cobwebs off. It's not hard to wonder if the Yankees will trade Chapman before the Deadline if the three-headed monster is emasculated by the rest of MLB.

After losing the lead in the third, the Yankees did tie the score in the fourth, on Alex Rodriguez's 100th HR at Globe Life Park, scoring his 1,000th run as a Yankee in the process. Say what you will about A-Rod's checkered past, the Yankees need this guy in the middle of their lineup or, as bad as things are now, they will get much worse going forward.

After today's off-day, round one of Yankees-Red Sox begins at Fenway Park. Hopefully the formula won't work there, and the Yankees can put a crack in that New England crucible.

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