LADY AT THE BAT: Lazy, Irresponsible Analysis: 'The Yankees Are Old'

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lazy, Irresponsible Analysis: 'The Yankees Are Old'

The Yankees lost the fourth game in their last five last night, a frustrating lost to Oakland in 11 innings. Rough patches such as these always lead to one thing: claims (or, boasts if you listen to Yankee haters) about how old this team is.

Every time anything goes wrong with these Yankees of the mid-2010s, the most perceived culprit is age. The latest? The Yankees can't hit with RISP because they're old. Really? Come on.

If you ask me, that is nothing but irresponsible, lazy analysis. Aware of the older players on the team, the Yankees have deliberately tried to fix that, acquiring younger players every year, not to mention keeping top prospects in their farm system. Also, Joe Girardi is keenly aware of the need to rest his older players as often as he can.

Let's take a look at the ages of  every player who took part in last night's game:

The Lineup
Brett Gardner - 32
  Ronald Torreyes - 23
Starlin Castro - 26
Carlos Beltran - 39
Mark Teixeira - 36
Alex Rodriguez - 40
Brian McCann - 32
Aaron Hicks - 26
Chase Headley - 32
  Jacoby Ellsbury  32
Didi Gregorius - 26

The Pitchers
Michael Pineda - 27
Chasen Shreve - 25
Dellin Betances - 28
Andrew Miller - 30
Johnny Barbato - 23

The Yankees had three players aged 36 or older in the starting lineup. (Yes, the older guys were in the middle of the order, but what difference does that make after the first time through?)  Yet, you would think, from listening to the "analysts" and haters, that every single player on the 25-man roster is over 36!

Don't get me wrong, age is a factor. But it is not the factor. Things are more complicated than that, What about health? What about bad signings? What about the fact that it is still only April 20th? 

If I hear the "Yankees are old" analysis again this season I will scream. (Get your earplugs ready.)

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