LADY AT THE BAT: On Schilling's Forced Departure From ESPN

Thursday, April 21, 2016

On Schilling's Forced Departure From ESPN

Stating the obvious, the New York Yankees aren't doing their jobs, right now. (Although, perhaps Aaron Hicks deserves a bit of a reprieve for his 105.5 mph throw to the plate last night.) If this keeps up, there will be talk of some players losing their jobs. Whether or not that will actually happen is unknown.

What is known, is that former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling (finally) lost his job yesterday. After giving him, in my opinion, way too many chances, ESPN showed him the door after he posted bigoted comments against members of the transgender community. 

Being out of a job is a bit more serious for Schilling than it would be for any other former Major Leaguer who has made millions of dollars in his career. Schilling lost his fortune after he made bad business decisions. He is also a cancer survivor who I am sure has racked up tons in medical bills, even if he was covered under any ESPN health insurance plan. So, it really boggles the mind that he would put his job in jeopardy like that. Unless there's a secret stash somewhere.

Perhaps there is. In the coffers of some right wing organization. An organization that might convince him to run for public office. Hey, he could be Donald Trump's running mate! That would definitely be the worst Presidential ticket in US history.

US history includes the First Amendment to the Constitution, where the all-important "freedom of speech" phrase comes from.  Were Schilling's First Amendment rights violated? Absolutely NOT. If they were, he would have been arrested a long time ago and/or would have been siting in jail right now. Americans can say whatever they like without fear of that happening. When it comes to your job, however, speak at your own risk.

Good riddance, Curt. Here's hoping we never have to see your face on a sports show ever again.

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