LADY AT THE BAT: As Yankees Continue To Lose, Changes Beg To Be Made

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

As Yankees Continue To Lose, Changes Beg To Be Made

I have run out of words to describe the 2016 Yankees or at least any intelligible, decipherable ones. I’m also fresh out of any desire to continue to searching for explanations for what ails this $226 million team. I don’t want to think about the fact that this team ranks last in the American League in total bases, in XBH and, in what is perhaps a sign of just how unafraid opposing pitchers are of them this year, intentional walks (zero).

I don’t want to think about the fact that Luis Severino gave up 4 Rs (3 ER) over 6 IP on Tuesday night and, in the process, lowered his season ERA to 6.31. Or the fact that the Yankees starters as a whole have the worst ERA in the A.L. and have thrown the third fewest innings on the season, taxing the bullpen that is already showing some wear and tear.

I especially don’t want to think about the fact that the Yankees have lost four straight games against teams in their division and six straight overall. I get it. The Yankees aren’t hitting. Fine. They’re not pitching. Ok. Chase Headley is still getting 4 ABs a game. Whatever. I know the problems. Every Yankees fan knows the problems. We watch them every single game.

Not to go all George Steinbrenner on the team here, but enough with the analysis. Just fix the problem. Time to move on. As quoted by Bob Klapisch in his NY Post article, Brian Cashman said, “We have to stop this slide and start from scratch. That means the game [tonight].” Of course, the game he was referring to was the Tuesday game the Yankees just lost but, nevertheless, the point still stands. The only way the Yankees can dig themselves out of this mess is one game at a time.

I’m not advocating any hasty decisions. Don’t dismantle the team and throw away track records because of a six game losing streak. But something needs to be done because crossing our fingers and willing this team to victory isn’t getting it done.

If that means sending Severino down to Triple A to learn how to pitch in high pressure situations until after the All-Star Break,then fine. Stretch Ivan Nova out and make it happen.

If it means the Yankees bench their $13MM 3B (who put together another 0-fer on Tuesday and has yet to get an extra base hit this season) for a few days until he can get back on track then fine. Do it.

If it means changing the DH spot into a true revolving spot so that Aaron Hicks' strong defense and offensive potential can be in the lineup, that’s fine, too. Their current DH is proving quite fragile enough as it is.

Not change for the sake of change, but change because this team is struggling. Less discussions of the problems. More trying out solutions. Your move Yankees. Time to end this losing streak and right this ship.

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