LADY AT THE BAT: Despite Sunday Night Loss, A Good Weekend For Yankees

Monday, May 9, 2016

Despite Sunday Night Loss, A Good Weekend For Yankees

If the Yankees had managed to pull off a sweep of their weekend series against the Boston Red Sox, that would have been wonderful. As poorly as they played in April, they will likely need a sweep or two along the way if they are to get themselves back in the race. So, yes, it would have been terrific if the Yankees could have exacted some revenge for the sweep they were unceremoniously handed last weekend.

But I’ve always said, this early in the season, as long as the Yankees win the series, I’ll take it. Despite the hole into which they’ve dug themselves, that is still true. It is only the 2nd week of May and they have 61 games left within the division, which is plenty of time to make up lost ground.

Given how the Yankees played in the first two games of the series, getting tremendous pitching and timely hitting, Sunday night’s 5-1 loss, isn't as devastating as it might seem. The Yankees were facing a knuckleballer and their lineup was dealt some blows over the weekend, including losing Jacoby Ellsbury, who is a key hitter when right. Not that they shouldn’t have tried to get the sweep but, again, a series win is what counts.

Instead of focusing on the loss, the Yankees, and their fans, should focus on the positives: the bullpen did exactly what it was supposed to do on Friday, Nathan Eovaldi was absolutely brilliant on Saturday, and even Luis Severino, despite taking the loss, showed flashes of brilliance in the middle innings on Sunday. Even Chase Headley actually showed signs of life over the weekend. Add in the fact that Yankees fans will be spared the agony of an ESPN broadcast for a while and, really, there’s much to like about their weekend performance.

So, yes, there’s some disappointment at a missed opportunity but we are a far cry from the visceral anger and frustration of last week, when the Yankees were in the midst of a brutal losing streak. Much like batting averages and ERAs, one good weekend this early in the season can change a fan's demeanor. And this, despite Sunday’s loss, was a good weekend.

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