LADY AT THE BAT: One-Hit Happiness To Five-Hit Hell For Yankees

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

One-Hit Happiness To Five-Hit Hell For Yankees

On Sunday's post-game show on YES, Jack Curry and Bob Lorenz looked ahead to this week's Toronto series, wondering if the Yankees had learned anything from their two losses to the Blue Jays last week.  Curry seemed to think that the Yankees might have gained more of an advantage over two of the pitchers they had faced: Marco Estrada and J A Happ.

Last night they faced Estrada again, armed with the same pitcher they used last week, Ivan Nova. Unfortunately, the results were the same as they were last Wednesday. The Yankees learned nothing last week, and Estrada dominated them once again, handing them yet another loss to the Blue Jays.

Funny how managing just one hit one day can feel so good, while getting five the next can feel so terrible, especially when you realize only three of them came off Marco Estrada. But, of course, that's our lovely game of baseball. We celebrate one hit after a win, and can hardly manage to smile after a loss when, 1) Brian McCann breaks an 0-21 slide with a late home-run and 2) Mark Teixeira doubles, his first extra-base-hit since May 16th.

Adding a double by Aaron Hicks doesn't help either, but it should. As depressing as this loss was, you have to point to these positives and hope that they are the beginning of an offensive awakening for the Yankees.

They will face J A Happ again tonight. Let's hope that, in this case, Curry is right, and the Yankees can show off what they have learned.

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