LADY AT THE BAT: Three Thoughts About A Five Game Yankees Losing Streak

Monday, May 2, 2016

Three Thoughts About A Five Game Yankees Losing Streak

These thoughts remain from the Yankees' frustrating weekend series, during which they were swept by their division rival, the Boston Red Sox:

First, even though it's only the first week in May and there are still well over 100 games left in the season, it’s starting to feel like, to paraphrase the late Yogi Berra, it’s getting late early out here.

To be clear, I’m still in the “it’s too early to bury this team” camp, but it’s hard to imagine a worst start to the season, than what the Yankees have gone through. They are riding a five game losing streak and it sometimes feels like they have forgotten how to play anything resembling decent baseball.

Most nights it’s the sluggish offense causing the problem. Yankees fans have more screenshots than we’d care to save of Yankees hitters trudging back to the dugout shaking their heads after striking out in a key spot, popping up with RISP or grounding into an inning ending double play.

Some nights, like last night, it’s the pitching that steps up and says, “Hey, look at us, we can blow games too!”

Presumably, it’s not from lack of trying. Surely this team doesn’t want to be this inept. All players slump at some point and perhaps it’s just that the Yankees are all slumping together. If that’s the working theory, then they should all come out of it together. Soon. Right?

If the issue is that the Yankees are just this bad, then it means more than just a rough season for 2016. It means having to accept the fact that the rebuilding while trying to contend plan Pete wrote about on Friday just won’t work. The implications of that are sad to contemplate. Again, it’s still too early but the thought is starting to fester.

Second, whatever is wrong with the previously invincible Dellin Betances, I hope it disappears quickly. He’s given up home runs in his past three appearances and is now 0-3 on the season with an ERA over 3.00. That might not sound too bad but, considering that, just 7 days ago, he was sporting an ERA of 0.00 and had yet to surrender a single HR, he’s trending the wrong way.

He hasn’t been overworked and his velocity and repertoire are as devastating as ever, so perhaps this is just a blip on the radar. As fun as it is to watch him pitch, let’s hope it’s not an injury or otherwise career altering problem.

Finally, as always,Yankees pinstriped white and blue, this is my team through and through. But, goodness, it’s much more fun when they are winning. When they take the field on Tuesday night against the Orioles, it’ll be a week since that last happened, and hat’s no fun at all.

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