LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Six-Game Win-Streak Ends, Odd Start Time For Chance At New One

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Yankees Six-Game Win-Streak Ends, Odd Start Time For Chance At New One

Even before the first pitch was thrown last night, I worried that this middle game between the Blue Jays and Yankees would end in Toronto's favor.  Knowing that I was right to be worried, however, does nothing to make me feel better about the Yankees' 8-4 loss, which ended both their six-game winning streak and their first time at .500 since April.

My worry began when I learned of the pitching match-up: Marco Estrada vs Ivan Nova. Both guys proved me right. During the game, Estrada's sneaky change-up kept Yankee hitters off balance, while Nova's recent two-pitch approach was ultimately no match for the Blue Jays's offense, which awoke from a long slumber. (Russell Martin actually awoke from the dead.

If the Yankees had managed to win last night, it would have been fun to say something like, "That's why you play the game," or, "You can't predict baseball." But in last night's case, playing the game was just redundant, and anyone who predicted the outcome shouldn't toot their own horn (unless they're a Blue Jays fan).

Today's rubber game is less worrisome, although I cannot, for the life of me, understand why it has a 4:05 start time. A 4:05 start time for a weekday game on the East Coast?  Is there some kind of Stadium ceremony at 1:05 that I don't know about? Makes absolutely no sense. But, then again, if the Yankees win, it won't even matter. 

Let's go Yankees!

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