LADY AT THE BAT: 10 Runs Not Enough For Yankees At Coors Field

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

10 Runs Not Enough For Yankees At Coors Field

Having never been much of a football fan, imagine my dismay when one broke out at Coors Field on Tuesday night while the Yankees were getting soundly beaten by the Colorado Rockies.

It should not take fourteen runs to win a Major League baseball game. Not even in Colorado. However, with the distressing pitching performance turned in by Nathan Eovaldi et al. Tuesday night, that’s exactly what it would have taken for the Yankees to win Game 1 of this brief 2 game set.

Unfortunately, the Yankees hitters couldn’t quite put up the two touchdowns it would have taken to bail out their pitchers.

I’d hoped, going into the game, that the friendly offensive environment in Colorado would serve as a panacea for the inconsistent Yankees offense, even with Beltran sitting out and no DH slot. The park, humidor housed baseballs or not, is easily one of the best hitting parks in the Major Leagues, so the Yankees hitters should have welcomed the chance.

Small comfort that it is, I wasn’t entirely wrong. While it’s true the Yankees were handcuffed by Jorge De La Rosa, he of the 8.81 ERA entering Tuesday’s game, for the first 5 innings of the game, they bounced back in a big way against the Rockies bullpen. Scoring 3 in the 6th inning (with a 3R HR by Didi Gregorius, who also turned in yet another strong defensive performance) and 7 in the 8th inning, the Yankees offense put up the third highest one game run total of the season. (They also completed the feat against the Royals on May 10).

They did what exactly they were supposed to do: feasted on middle relievers to the tune of 10 runs. Unfortunately, the Rockies hitters feasted on every single Yankees pitcher. The Rockies hitters were shut out in only two innings and scored multiple runs in all but two of the remaining six. Even Andrew Miller was touched up in his one inning performance.

There was nothing redeeming about Yankees pitching. There was no shut down inning after the Yankees scored. No key strikeouts to avoid damage. No lengthy “wear one for the team but save the bullpen” performance by the starter. Nothing.

So the Yankees add another loss to their total, continuing to fall closer to 5 games under .500 than 5 games over. One game lost in that “soft” part of the schedule that I was optimistically looking forward to last week.

One more game to wonder when (still not yet if), exactly, this 2016 team is going to start clicking together to make some noise in this race.

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