LADY AT THE BAT: Lack Of Consistent Offense Putting Yankees Season In Jeopardy

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lack Of Consistent Offense Putting Yankees Season In Jeopardy

A look up and down a typical batting order for the New York Yankees shows a group of guys who, for the most part, have had a lot of success with the bat during their careers. The backs of their baseball cards are filled with sparkling numbers, causing everyone to cut them some slack when they're in hitting slumps.

They even cut themselves some slack. Jacoby Ellsbury, after last night's 7-0 loss to Toronto, said, "The nice thing is, we've done it. That's the positive we can take away from it."

Fine. However, when do we stop cutting these guys this slack? Is there a point at which we decide that, for whatever reason, this Yankee offense isn't going to get it done this year?  Or do we just keep on giving guys like Brian McCann, Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez the benefit of the doubt?

I am willing to give McCann that benefit of the doubt, but I'm sorry, it is asking too much to do the same for Teixeira and A-Rod, who are at the tail ends of their careers. I would also put Carlos Beltran in that camp, because who really believes he can keep hitting at this pace at his age?

The common belief is that if these four guys don't hit, if their power bats don't show up consistently all season, the Yankees will not have a winning record, let alone make the playoffs. Right now it is very hard for me to believe that this consistency will show its face this season.

It might not show its face over the next few days. The schedule doesn't get any easier this weekend, after tonight's make-up game in Detroit. There was a time when Camden Yards in Baltimore was known as Yankee Stadium South. The Yankees might be lucky to grab one game down there this time around.

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