LADY AT THE BAT: Next Two Weeks Need To Be Do Or Die For Yankees

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Next Two Weeks Need To Be Do Or Die For Yankees

It was supposed to be a chance to make some hay against the soft part of the schedule. It started off all right, but now, the only one making the hay is that soft part of the schedule. 

So far, the Yankees are 5-4 against those teams, including the Tigers, who were at .500 when the recent series at the Stadium began. There are nine games left against these mediocre teams: four in Minnesota against the Twins starting tonight, before games at home against the Rockies and those same Twins.

It is now June 16th. How much longer do we wait for a turnaround? At  some point Yankee management needs to make a decision: Sell or not sell?  And when should that decision be made?

In about two weeks, I'd say. By then we will be closing in on July 1st, exactly one month before the Trade Deadline. If this team is still scuffling at the end of this month, GM Brian Cashman needs to start the bidding (or, start listening to it).

But will he? One can argue that he could have traded Robinson Cano  during the 2013 season, or David Robertson during 2014. He didn't, but those situations were different, if I remember correctly. The Yankees had better teams in each of those years than they do now. So, if this team is still as bad as it is now on July 1st, the For Sale sign will need to be displayed, and prominently.

That not happening should be a fire-able offense. It would be a sign of total irresponsibility. I have never been one to criticize Cashman, but on this, my poison pen is full of ink and ready to go. Beltran (if he is healthy) must go. Chapman (and maybe Miller) must go. If they don't? Then, don't let the door hit you on the way out, Brian.

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