LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees, Again, Wake From Dead To Win Homestand Opener

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Yankees, Again, Wake From Dead To Win Homestand Opener

As the most recent road trip was coming to an end, both the Yankees and their fans saw the current homestand as a way to make up some ground to get back into the playoff hunt. However, if you took the first six innings of last night's game as a sign of just the opposite, you were mistaken, happily mistaken, I'll bet.

Angels starter Matt Shoemaker was brilliant through six, throwing first-pitch strikes and destroying hitters with his splitter. There was no sign of the mediocre pitcher he's been for most of this season. But in the seventh inning, it finally reared its ugly head. 

After solo home runs by Brian McCann and Starlin Castro tied the game, it was easy to worry about whether or not the bullpen, showing signs of wear after a tough weekend in Baltimore, would hold the Angels to two runs. But Andrew Miller held them, and after Carlos Beltran's three-run blast in the eighth, Aroldis Chapman rebounded from his blown save in the previous game, to secure the 5-2 win.

It turned out to be a nice win for the Yankees. Turned out to be. This waking from the dead late in the game has been happening far too often lately. Needless to say, games like this are just too frustrating to watch, mainly because the team looks so lifeless, as if they have no chance at rallying (and, in some cases, as if they will be no-hit). Then again, just think of how the opposing team feels when the Yankees finally break through. Absolutely devastated, I'm sure.

So, as long as it leads to this devastation, I guess I'm okay with frustration. Go Yankees.

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