LADY AT THE BAT: Chapman, Yankees Tease Fans With Win Against Orioles

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Chapman, Yankees Tease Fans With Win Against Orioles

There are a lot of words for a pitch speed of 105.1 MPH. Exciting is one word that comes to mind. Another one is enticing.

Enticing is what I thought after Aroldis Chapman hit that number on the radar gun against the Orioles' J J Hardy last night. It made me want to see more. Put that together with the fact that 105.1 sounds like the frequency for any number of popular radio stations in America, and it all sounds like one big tease. 

That's what the entire Yankees team has been over the last two games: a big tease, a radio station jingle, if you will. They have been singing a very flashy song since Sunday night, telling fans that they're worth listening to, worth tuning into, worth watching.

Of course, very few people still believe that (aside from the ever-optimistic Christina). Nothing this team has done during the course of the season has given anyone a reason to believe they have a run in them. If there was a reason, we could be more excited about Ivan Nova's 6 inning, one-run outing last night, or Alex Rodriguez's first home run in exactly a month, or the continuing dominance of No Runs DMC, or the previously-mentioned 105.1 MPH Chapman pitch.

The only thing they've done is prove to the word they are a .500 team, and that, of course, is not good enough to make them buyers or sellers. As we've all been hearing, it needs to be one extreme or the other during this current homestand, for the Yankees to do one (buy) or the other (sell).

Honestly, I'm hoping it's the latter. While they have some very good prospects on the come, I would love to see some extremely good prospects, ones who are more Major League ready.  Ones like Rangers outfielder Nomar Mazara. The Yankees are getting younger, but it would be nice to see them speed things up.

Of course, if they don't do that, if they do manage to go on a run, I will be perfectly happy to have been proven wrong. 

In any case, buy, sell or stand pat, go Yankees.

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