LADY AT THE BAT: Loss, Suspension & Horror In Yankees Universe

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Loss, Suspension & Horror In Yankees Universe

The saying you often heard years ago when a team was enjoying a laugher was, "Save some for tomorrow." Apparently, the Yankees have never heard that sentence, because a night after they poured it on against the White Sox, they managed to not even make a drop, losing by a score of 5-0.

But, not seriously. Why should I be serious when not doing so is painful enough in itself? So, again, the Yankees failed to "save some for tomorrow."

I don't even know what to say anymore. It has all been said. Why go into it? Why go into to all the inconsistencies? Why go over the long list of things that has kept this team from being a playoff contender? If I go into all of them will it help the Yankees right their ship? Please.  Anything the Yankees themselves try to do will not right their ship.

So, on to Cleveland for a four-game series with the Indians. Let the scalping begin.

Meanwhile, Jorge Mateo, the Yankees' top prospect, has been suspended for two weeks for violating team policy, and will be barred from playing in the upcoming Futures Game. The reason for the suspension is unclear. All I could think of was that maybe he refused to shave, or refused to wear a suit during road trips. However, one of my Twitter followers finds it hard to believe that, after four years in the organization Mateo would cause trouble in this manner. Anyway, the reason is sure to be revealed sooner or later.

Speaking of the Futures Game, it will be held, of course, during next week's All Star Break. Congratulations are in order for Carlos Beltran, Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller, who will represent the Yankees at the Mid-Summer Classic. I was surprised that both Betances and Miller were selected, what with that silly rule about all teams having to be represented.  And at the age of 39, Beltran has been selected for the ninth time in his career. Tongue-in-cheek, he complained that the media believes "39 is horrible."

No, it's not, Carlos. Neither are you. Your team, on the other hand, is another story all together.

Update: So Mateo mouthed off to executives after being denied a promotion to AA. The Yankees farm system means business. It wasn't that long ago that catching prospect Gary Sanchez was suspended for insubordination. Hopefully Mateo learns his lesson.

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