LADY AT THE BAT: With Three Weeks To Deadline, Battle Is Lost For Yankees

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

With Three Weeks To Deadline, Battle Is Lost For Yankees

There were lots of fireworks on the Fourth Of July, but very few of them came from the New York Yankees. Aside from a  two-run homer from Chase Headley, their supply was as wet as a slice of watermelon, sitting on a picnic table waiting to be devoured. James Shields (of all pitchers) did the devouring, and the Yankees suffered an embarrassing loss to the Chicago White Sox.

We are now one week from the All Star Game, and a little more than three weeks from the trade deadline. Here is where the Yankees stand: A 40-42 record, seven games out of fist place and 4.5 out in the Wild Card standings. We are coming to the end of the period during which a team needs to "declare itself," as GM Brian Cashman has put it.

Let's face it: they have declared themselves. If a team hasn't gotten themselves together at this point, they are not going to. Even if they win out the rest of the week, they are not going to. Time to open the bidding.

But, will they? Does the Yankee brass have the guts to sell? Based on what we have been seeing and hearing over the last few weeks, Cashman does have the guts. It's the rest of the front office that appears to be too stubborn to do the right thing. Why is that? Fear of decreasing ticket sales? Fear of fewer fannies in the seats?  Well, sometimes you have to lose a battle in order to win the war.

The front office needs to look at 2016 as a battle lost, for a chance to win the war for a ring later on down the road. With Andrew Miller saying he's been told he won't be traded, however, it is clear they are not doing that. Unless no team has been willing to pay Miller's price, they Yankees need to cut the crap and sell. Now.

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