LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Lose, Move On To Season-Defining Rays Series

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Yankees Lose, Move On To Season-Defining Rays Series

The greased pole of the Yankees' season continued last night as they, once again, slid down, giving the front office more headaches as it continues to argue over whether the team should sell or stand pat. 

A sweep of the Astros would have gone a long way towards putting "sell" in the rear-view mirror, especially with Boston and Toronto both losing last night. Now they have to leave the Trop on Sunday with no less than a sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays. If they don't do that, they are at risk of their season becoming bootleg (if they stand pat) or over (if they become sellers).

Going back to headaches for a moment, all this not knowing what should be done is giving me one, so you can imagine the one Yankees brass has! The entire situation is just too tiring to think about. Instead, I'll talk about the positives from last night:

1. Two more hits for Didi Gregorius. That dreadful start he had at the beginning of last season is hardly a thought in anyone's mind.

2.  Another hit for Mark Teixeira. Hopefully this isn't too little too late.

3. Brian McCann went deep. Let's hope this is the beginning of some consistency at the plate for him.

4. Adam Warren had a successful season debut. I don't know what happened in Chicago, but I'm sure Larry Rothschild can fix whatever the problem is.

5. Luis Severino pitched two hit-less innings, giving up only a walk and striking out three. Perhaps, he'll kiss the starting rotation goodbye.

The Yankees have an off-day today before beginning the series in Tampa Bay. It will be the most important series of the season. There is no margin for error.

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