LADY AT THE BAT: Baby Bombers Impress During Yankees' Special Weekend

Monday, August 15, 2016

Baby Bombers Impress During Yankees' Special Weekend

For the Yankees and their fans, this weekend should be considered a success. Sunday’s game, obviously, was horrible, but look bigger picture. The Yankees won a series (their third in a row) against the division rival Tampa Bay Rays which, if nothing else, put more distance between themselves and a fifth place A.L. East finish.

They also called up two prospects in Tyler Austin and Aaron Judge, who promptly captured, if not the hearts, then certainly the imaginations of Yankees fans with their history making debuts. Watching Austin’s face as he rounded the bases, and seeing Judge finally let his grin break through when he got to the dugout, was amazing.

To top it off, the Yankees also reminded us all of the no longer so recent but still, oh so memorable, start of the Yankees late 90s dynasty, by celebrating the 1996 World Series Championship team on Saturday, and giving Mariano Rivera his own day of celebration on Sunday.

Yes, we must be a little worried about what, exactly, is wrong with Luis Severino, and who will take his starts going forward (he was optioned to Triple A after his horrendous start). Ditto for the bullpen and how it will work for the remainder of the season.

Still. Yankee fans needed this kind of weekend. The Yankees showed us that there’s a light at the end of a tunnel of mediocrity, while there's still hope that maybe the 2016 season isn’t a complete goner after all. Sure, the playoffs are a slim (very slim) possibility but, we’ve seen stranger things in this game of baseball.

The Yankees had HRs from five players on Saturday afternoon (yes, I know it was a 90+ degree day in Yankee Stadium but don’t harsh my mellow) and all of those players were 26 or under. Think about that. The Yankees had five players in their lineup that were 26 or under. By choice!

So, yes, this weekend was a success. While it was a reminder that the end is near for some players (Mark Teixeira sat on Saturday and Sunday) or that changes are in store (Brian McCann sat two of three games in Boston and the Saturday game against the Rays before servings as the DH on Sunday), it also is a time to be excited.

An assurance that this too shall pass, because the Yankees have been here (closer to the bottom of the division than the top) before and they got through it. The fans got through it, as well. And in return we got Bernie Williams, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. We got a dynasty. We got memories that still cause us (well, me at least) to tear up.

The future, then, is potentially bright. It may not be a dynasty (after Severino, we should be aware that immediate success is not a predictor of immediate future dominance) but it will be a home grown team. A team we can be proud of and a team we can, again, call our own.

Make no mistake, that’s a success.

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