LADY AT THE BAT: Green, Judge Carry Yankees Over Blue Jays

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Green, Judge Carry Yankees Over Blue Jays

They left 14 men on base. They were 2-18 with RISP. They scored just one run. Against the first place Toronto Blue Jays.

If you read the above paragraph without knowing the result of last night's game, it would be very easy to conclude that the Yankees had lost. Of course, they did not lose. The final 1-0 score was huge, in more ways than one.

Chad Green, who must be so sick of being sent back and forth between Scranton and New York, might have sealed the deal to stay with the big club--for one more start, at least. With 11 Ks in six innings, he was very much the Lean Green Pitching Machine he was called on several social media sites last night.

Then there is Aaron Judge. For a while there, I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see this kid in the Bronx. Between his own struggles and the Yankees' history of over-hyped prospects, it really would not have surprised me if Judge, too, had gone the way of so many kids that have disappointed fans, who have waited so many years to see them.

Of course, he still can disappoint. As can Gary Sanchez, Tyler Austin and other prospects in the system. They could  (and, probably will) suffer growing pains just as Chad Green has. They could even get as bad as Luis Severino has been this season.

It's important for fans to remember that this pain is on the horizon, for a few of these highly touted prospects, if not for all of them. Unfortunately, many Yankee fans tend to forget. It's a by-product of being spoiled by all those championships. Well, that has to change. In this new era, part of being a fan is to watch your young players struggle.

So, take heart, Yankees Universe. When you start hearing things such as, "Judge over-ruled," "Austin Power-less," and "Kraken leashed," laugh at the plays on words, but keep cheering for the plays on the field.

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