LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Betting On Future With New & Improved Farm System

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Yankees Betting On Future With New & Improved Farm System

The Subway Series began last night with a 6-5 Yankees win in 10 innings at Citi Field. However, if you thought this annual series had lost its lustre in recent years, you must have seen it as downright dull last night, compared to all the wheeling and dealing that went on earlier in the day.

With the fire sale complete, the Yankees now have, arguably, the best farm system in all of baseball. With the acquisition of such Top-100 prospects as Clint Frazier, Gleyber Torres and Justus Sheffield, the gamble that the team has taken with older, stick-in-the-mud players is over, and they are now betting on the future, hoping for a new Core Four to develop over the next few years.

These kids might not be a sure thing, as anyone who visits our friends over at the William Hill baseball page knows, but we're looking at a ton of upside here. 

William Hill baseball page

There is only one problem: Not every Yankee fan is convinced that there is even the slightest bit of an upside. It was very tough being on social media last night while the Yankees were trailing the Mets early in the game. At one point I lost it completely.

Yankee fans have been so spoiled for 25 years (thanks to George Steinbrenner)! You would think that, after watching their team get eliminated, or not even make the playoffs for the last seven years, they would step back and say, "Hey, this isn't working. We have to do something else." But no, even though it's a different MLB now, they still want the team to buy over-priced, close-to-aging free agents every single year.  Why? So we can have another Mark Teixeira in a few years? Another Alex Rodriguez?

Jacoby Ellsbury, the latest player to be given a huge contract, will be the next player added to that list. Fans have seen how pedestrian Ellsbury has been during his Yankees career, yet they want to continue to throw good money after bad and, essentially to run in place, keeping a playoff run forever out of reach.

The Yankees have finally seen how insane all of this is, and are taking steps to rectify it. Those steps could also include releasing Teixeira and A-Rod. GM Brian Cashman sort of hinted at that possibility in an interview during the game broadcast last night, when he said that catching prospect Gary Sanchez could be with the big club by Wednesday. Doing that would probably push Brian McCann to first base, and the dominoes would continue to fall from there.

Although, if McCann gets traded to Atlanta, as has been rumored for days, things might not go that way at all.

The point is, the Yankees are doing things differently now. The past is the past, and the future is ahead of them. Perhaps we should have known: On Draft Day three years ago, first round Yankees pick Aaron Judge hung out with two of the ones acquired in recent days, Clint Frazier and Billy McKinney. The three prospects toured New York City and even visited the clubhouse at Yankee Stadium! If that doesn't scream "destiny," I don't know what does. (Just kidding, ha ha.)

It might not happen, but with the direction the New York Yankees are now taking, they are closer to having a new Core Four than they would be if they went the other way.

Go Yankees!

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