LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Control Part Of Destiny In 36 Remaining Games

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Yankees Control Part Of Destiny In 36 Remaining Games

Successful west coast road trips are rare for the New York Yankees. They went 4-2 on the one just completed, which probably says more about how bad the Angels are than how good the Yankees, themselves, are.

In any case, they have now won five out of their last six series, and are five games out of the second Wild Card spot. There are 36 games left to play. Is it do-able? 

Perhaps. The next six games will be against teams that are ahead of them in the WC standings: Baltimore, the current leader, and Kansas City, who has awakened from the dead. So, in that sense, they control their own destiny.  Also, since neither the Red Sox or the Blue Jays are running away with anything, and could slip back to WC contention, you can add them to the list of what can be controlled as well.

I was listening to WFAN Radio early this morning, and Tony Paige, the overnight host, wondered aloud if phenom Gary Sanchez could be for the Yankees this year what Yoenis Cespedes was for the Mets last year. I sincerely wish it. That would mean the Yankees would return to the World Series for the first time since 2009. Hopefully the scenario would end with the Yankees as World Champions, not as losers, as it did with the Mets. 

An off day today, before they're back at it, against those baseball-murdering Orioles. Something tells me the season could be decided this weekend. I hope the decision is a good one.

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