LADY AT THE BAT: Teixeira, Yankees Dampen Red Sox Clincher

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Teixeira, Yankees Dampen Red Sox Clincher

The night came down to this:

I don't know about the Red Sox themselves, but their fans were all counting on seeing an on-field celebration when Boston clinched the AL East title. At least two Red Sox fans I follow were just giddy with glee going into the series. One even tweeted about it as if a Red Sox clinch at Yankee Stadium happened every year! God forbid.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I didn't think the Yankees had it in them to avoid watching Big Papi and Company dance around the diamond at the Home Office For Baseball. But, thankfully, they proved me wrong, especially Mark Teixeira. If last night's slam was the last home run of his career, then it goes without saying he is going out on the highest of notes.

All this and the Yankees are still mathematically alive in the playoff hunt. After all that has happened. They're not going to make it, in my opinion, but to be in this position four days before the season ends is quite a testament, to Joe Girardi (even with all the bad decisions he's made this month), the Baby Bombers and crafty veterans like Teixeira.

I cannot wait to watch these next four games.

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