LADY AT THE BAT: Though Yankees Missed Playoffs, Some Fun Moments In 2016

Friday, September 30, 2016

Though Yankees Missed Playoffs, Some Fun Moments In 2016

What can be said about a Yankees season that ended with no playoff appearance, no chance at championship number 28 and some really bad days and nights with no pitching and  zero offense at times? It was a lost season and everybody knew it by August 1st, as management seemingly threw in the towel at the deadline trading, the team's best player (Carlos Beltran) and two thirds of the bullpen "college of closers."

But damn, it was fun.

Consider how the Yankees just swept the Red Sox three the Bronx.  Tuesday night the Yankees had the lead but lost it, only to have a late Tyler Austin home run seal the win. Wednesday night was one of many no offense nights in 2016--until the 9th inning. Boston closer Craig Kimbrell was called on to protect a 3-0 lead but gave up a hit and three straight walks, not getting anybody out. Mark Teixeira sealed the deal with his walk off grand slam off Joe Kelly, 5-3 Yankees, but it was Boston with the champagne in the club house. Then CC Sabathia pitched a gem, 5-1 Yankees and the playoff hopes were dashed despite winning Thursday night.

The Yankees, sellers at the trade deadline, regrouped with the addition of young players, not the least of which was Gary Sanchez, and the departure of some veteran players, not the least of which was Alex Rodriguez. The season came down to play on the road in the four AL East cities, Baltimore, Boston, Tampa/St Pete and Toronto, a combined 11-27 record. But despite that record it became fun, a lot of fun.

The Yankees will finish above .500 for the 24th consecutive year, the second longest streak in baseball history (Yankees 1926-64 is the longest streak of above .500 seasons, 39 years)

What we just witnessed over the past two months was a little slice of what might be in store for the Yankees future. Yes, the Yanks recently suffered through a 4-11 stretch, which ended any hopes for playing in a wild card game next week, but we all witnessed some incredible things, Remember the debut home runs of Austin and Aaron Judge, back to back, first at bats? Remember everything that Sanchez did, behind the plate and at the plate? Didn't I hear some talk of Sanchez being in the running for Rookie of the Year? Recent pitching performances by youngsters Luis Cessa and Bryan Mitchell and the aging CC Sabathia, have to give the Yankees some hope, wouldn't you say? Didi Gregorius is the real deal for the Yankees future at shortstop. And look at all these guys down on the farm, some acquired in recent trades and some who have been in the organization since day one. They all represent the future of the Yankees, either as players who will debut someday in the Bronx, or as future trade chips.

It was loads of fun and should be fun to watch in 2017. The off season will begin following Sunday's game with Baltimore. I'll come back in a week with some perspective on what might happen to these Yankees this coming winter.

We should all be looking forward to clinching a playoff spot a year from now.  Now that will really be fun.

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