LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Fall Back In Playoff Race With Too Few To Play

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Yankees Fall Back In Playoff Race With Too Few To Play

In our previous post, Christina asked the Yankees to do just one thing: play tough.

They didn't "get the memo." Why not? How could they not do what was asked of them? I know they read this blog. Every single member of the Yankees 40-man roster, plus the manager, coaches and front office personnel, reads Lady At The Bat.

It was such a simple request!

Seriously, though, after starting September off so well, and playing so hard, and after coming to within a game of the second Wild Card, the Yankees have lost two in a row, the most recent loss coming last night against the Dodgers. Earlier in the season, two in a row could be excused, but not now. As Michael Kay said on YES's broadcast of the game, two games back is so much worse than one game back when you have so few games left to play.

So, if the Yankees want to stay in the race at this point, they will have to win the next two games, including the series finale against Clayton Kershaw. Sadly, I do not like their chances, what with CC Sabathia and Michael Pineda scheduled to pitch. If you thought that Dodgers fan contingent in left field was loud last night, imagine (if you can stomach it) how loud they could be by the time the last out is made tomorrow night.

If things do come to an end this week (or, this weekend, or next week, etc), it's important to remember how far this Yankee team has come. With the exception of a few die-hard fans, NO ONE expected them to be contending this late in the season. They have earned the right to hold their heads up high. They have shown how tough they are.

Let's hope they can show a little more toughness before they run out of time.

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