LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Hold Off Boston, Stay Mathematically Alive

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Yankees Hold Off Boston, Stay Mathematically Alive

You just knew it was going to come down to this. Maybe not in the first game but in one of these games, you just knew that the Red Sox DH was going to come up to bat in a crucial spot in one of his last three games in Yankee Stadium. It was inevitable.

I’m no fan of David Ortiz (this article in The Week by Anthony L. Fisher sums up my feelings nicely), and I am dreading the fact that he and Boston just may celebrate clinching the AL East at the Stadium. I have zero intention of watching the Yankees celebrate his tainted career later this week and think it’s ridiculous that they would even do so. While I understand the “play nice” approach behind it all, he’s just not the kind of player you go out of your way to celebrate.

It’s bad enough when the Yankees do it for their own flawed players (see Pettitte, Andy) but for an opponent? It’s absurd.

All of which leads me back to Tuesday night’s game, when Ortiz came up to the plate in the top of the ninth with the Yankees leading 6-4 but with Boston threatening (2 on and Ortiz representing the go ahead run). Dellin Betances, besides having a 10.80 ERA for September, was unavailable after having pitched in two straight games, so Tyler Clippard was on the mound for the Yankees:

First pitch: Called Strike

Second pitch: Ball

Third pitch: Swinging Strike

(Things were looking good.)

Fourth pitch: Ball

Fifth pitch: Ball

(Hey, better to walk him then to give up a three-run bomb.)

Sixth pitch: Swinging Strike

He struck him out! Back to the bench, Yankees win, no clinch for their nemesis tonight!

And that was that. The Yankees staved off elimination for another night and denied Ortiz his heroics for one more night. That strikeout will be a lasting memory of Ortiz. I need at least one that doesn’t make me cringe.

No matter what he does in the remaining games, I’ve got the one I’ll remember.
And that’s all I need from the Yankees over the past few days. If they can’t pull off the miracle I’m still holding out hope for then at least they can delay Boston’s excitement and, maybe, knock Baltimore out of the playoffs.

Play with some of that Pinstripe Pride the YES Network commercials routinely tout. Whatever it takes, just let your opponents know that, despite the struggles of this year, you’re still the New York Yankees.  Like Ortiz, you’ll go down swinging.

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