LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Should Just Say No To Aroldis Chapman

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Yankees Should Just Say No To Aroldis Chapman

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs, World Series Champions for the first time since 1908. On behalf of the New York Yankees, let me also say, "You're welcome."  Though he suffered a meltdown in Game Seven--through no fault of his own (Damn you, Joe Maddon!)--Aroldis Chapman deserves as much of the credit for this championship as any of his teammates do. 

Now that the Series is over, Chapman can--and, definitely will--declare himself a free agent. Where will he end up? That is the multi-million dollar question.

At the Trade Deadline this past summer, Chapman and the Yankees were all hugs and kisses, stopping just short of saying to each other, "See you in 2017."  Many fans, including myself, said it as well.

I'm not saying it anymore.

After seeing how Maddon abused Chapman during the World Series, it's hard for me not to wonder if any irreparable damage has been done to that other-worldly left arm. With so many dead contracts in the Yankees immediate past, I am loathe to see them end up with another. Chapman might be just fine, but I would rather err on the side of caution. Let some other team take a chance on him.

Then again, all this hand wringing on my part might be all for nothing. With their continuing goal of getting below that $189 million payroll threshold, the Yankees might point to that as a reason not to sign Chapman.

What they probably will do is make a respectable offer to him but not go much higher. Then they will turn their attention (if they haven't already) to fixing Dellin Betances.  Although, if Jon Lester hasn't learned to hold runners on, is there much hope for a younger player like Betances? 

To sign Aroldis Chapman or not to sign him? That question is sure to be on the hot stove's front burner for weeks to come.

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