LADY AT THE BAT: Free Agent Breakdown: Yankees Sign Matt Holliday

Monday, December 5, 2016

Free Agent Breakdown: Yankees Sign Matt Holliday

My Christmas wish to get Carlos Beltran was wrenched away from me on Saturday when the Astros signed him to a one-year deal worth $16 million. Shock gave way to fear, as the thought of an Edwin Encarnacion signing turning into a dead contract entered my mind.

Then GM Brian Cashman saved the day.

Okay, that's a bit dramatic. After all, he signed OF/DH Matt Holliday to a one year, $13 million deal. As everyone knows, Holliday is coming off a bad year, and he will be 37 years old on Opening Day. He's a right-handed hitter, which makes the team's need for a left-handed power hitter or switch hitter (i.e., Beltran) even more blatant. 

If you believe what Cashman has been saying this off-season, the Yankees are done upgrading their offense. The success of the lineup will all depend on how well the kids (like Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird and Aaron Judge) do.

Speaking of kids, we can rest assured that the Holliday signing will not block any of them from playing in as many Big League games as they deserve to play in. Also, Holliday hit 20 HRs in 2016, which bodes well for 2017. His exit velocity was 100 mph or more 42.5 % of the time. You can read more about his offense here.

When that offense produces its first HR in 2017, what will John Sterling's call be? Something about the Holiday Inn? I doubt he will sing Madonna's "Holiday," and I'm glad. That song has been in my head ever since I heard about the signing yesterday afternoon. I need a holiday just to get away from it.

Anyway, welcome to the Yankees, Matt Holliday. Best wishes for a successful 2017.

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