LADY AT THE BAT: The WBC & Didi: What's Ahead For The Yankees

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The WBC & Didi: What's Ahead For The Yankees

Remember when everyone hated the Didi Gregorius trade? Whole different kettle of fish now, huh?

When Yankees GM Brian Cashman said yesterday that he expected Didi to miss a total of six weeks, I wondered if he was including the remainder of Spring Training. Either way, it looks as if he won't make his season debut until May. Now, of course, the question is this: who will play SS for the time being? The Yankees have said they'll fill the need from within. As far as I know, these are the only candidates (in alphabetical order):

Starlin Castro: Castro began his career at the position but hasn't played it in a few years. He will likely get some reps there before Opening Day.

Donovan Solano: Not high on the Yankees radar up to this point, but that changes (a little) now. He has an outside chance.

Ruben Tejada: A natural shortstop in Yankees camp as a non-roster invitee. He's a veteran, used to playing on the big stage.

Ronald Torreyes: He proved himself capable in 2016. Will make the team even if he doesn't get the SS job.

Tyler Wade: A future Ben Zobrist, they say. Hasn't played above AA yet.

If you ask me, the guy for the job is Ruben Tejada. He's the perfect short-term solution.

Back to Didi: Of course, he sustained his injury while playing for Team Netherlands in the WBC. Or did he? Actually, he wasn't playing in an official WBC game. It was an exhibition game in Arizona, and he was playing 2B. Knowing this, it's hard for me not to lay some of the blame on Didi himself. Not because he was playing 2B (although, maybe that did have something to do with it), but because he should have known not to strain himself during a tune-up.

Didi said the injury could have happened at any time. Unfortunately, it happened during the WBC, which gives this tournament even more of a bad reputation. But, you know what? I'm tired of people dumping on the World Baseball Classic. I know it's not perfect. A lot needs to be done to make it work better. However, in spite of the injury to Didi Gregorius, I still love it. I'm very proud of Team USA for finally making it to the championship game, and I wish them all the best tonight against Team Puerto Rico.


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