LADY AT THE BAT: 2-4 Yankees Play Home Opener Today

Monday, April 10, 2017

2-4 Yankees Play Home Opener Today

Today's home opener won't be as exciting as it could have been had Gary Sanchez not strained his right biceps in Baltimore on Saturday. That being said, if the Yankees had lost yesterday, they would have come into today's action with a 1-5 record. Then there would be no excitement at all, only stress and worry, and lots of it.

That's not to say there won't be any stress and worry today. After all, Michael Pineda will be on the mound, which says tons about the starting rotation. When your best pitcher so far has been CC Sabathia, you know things are very wrong. 

No one should be surprised, of course.  This was predicted by everyone and it has already come to fruition. What bothers me about it is that so many fans believe the Yankees just sat back and let it happen. I understand people's frustration with Brian Cashman, but he was right in not giving up top prospects for Chris Sale, and especially for Jose Quintana. So patience is the name of the game right now as we wait to see if guys like Pineda, Severino and, shockingly, Tanaka can turn themselves around.

Unfortunately, that waiting might lead to fewer wins when you put it together with a compromised offense. The loss of Sanchez is a huge blow, to say the least. Then there's Greg Bird's ankle and his fall to the flu bug. As I write this, no lineup has been posted, but there is a chance he will play today. If not,  Let's hope he doesn't join Sanchez on the DL. Including Didi Gregorius, that would be three young players on the shelf during a season in which the kids were supposed to be the main draw.

So it's the first of a nine-game home stand today at Yankee Stadium. It's a beautiful day for it. Good feelings all around. Let's hope they'll still be around after the final out.


Unknown said...

We do not know if Cashman was talking to the White Sox about Sale, but, I would not have been opposed to making a deal for some of these so called prospects. Most will amount to nothing and keeping Sale away from the Red Sox would have been nice.

Bernadette Pasley said...

Cashman was quoted as saying Sale is a better fit for teams who are one player away, so he probably didn't talk to the White Sox about him.