LADY AT THE BAT: 47 Then and Now: Yankees, Montgomery Lose To Nova, Pirates

Monday, April 24, 2017

47 Then and Now: Yankees, Montgomery Lose To Nova, Pirates

When a former Yankees pitcher faces his old team for the first time, I always hope for nothing but complete failure from him. Yesterday was different, however.

Despite his mediocre career, Ivan Nova was always one of my favorite Yankees. I was so sorry to see him go last year, even if it was for the best. Luckily for him, he fell under the tutelage of Ray Searage, who turned his career around, which led to him dominating the Yankees yesterday. I hated to see him beat my team, but I was happy to see how he has evolved.

Nova's number 47 is now worn by Jordan Montgomery, who, while he lost to Nova and the Pirates yesterday, pitched a very good game despite not having his best stuff: 6IP, 7H, 2ER, 2BB, 5K.  This kid has major upside. 

Then again, so did Ivan Nova. Let's not anoint Jordan Montgomery as a rotation mainstay just yet. Let's just see how he does against better-hitting teams. He will probably pitch against the first-place Orioles next weekend. If he acquits himself well in that start, we can start to dream. Until then, no sleeping.

After losing two out of three to the Pirates this past weekend, the Yankees are 11-7 so far this month. If they want to finish the month over .500 they will need to play well against those Orioles and against the Red Sox starting tomorrow night. 

Should be a fun, interesting week!


Unknown said...

Nova's biggest problem was Girardi.

Bernadette Pasley said...

Ha ha, I should have known you'd written that as soon as I saw your name, Mike! :)