LADY AT THE BAT: Carter, CC Turn Back Clock As Yankees Beat Royals

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Carter, CC Turn Back Clock As Yankees Beat Royals

A couple of surprising performances in last night's win against the Kansas City Royals. CC Sabathia turned back the clock with 6.2 scoreless innings, and Chris Carter was 3-4 with 2 RBI.

Sabathia proved me wrong, for one night at least. It would be great if he could stay more consistent going forward. Of course, if he pitched against offenses as poor as the Royals' it would be much more likely. However, a win is a win, so a celebration is definitely warranted.

As for Carter, there has been some talk about what to do with this guy while Greg Bird continues to recover. I've heard about two scenarios: 1) Give Matt Holliday more time at 1B and let one of the four outfielders (Gardner/Ellsbury/Judge/Hicks) DH; or, 2) Move Chase Headley to 1B and call up Gleyber Torres or Tyler Wade to play 3B.

For one night, at least, Carter has silenced such talk. Can he keep the chatter on mute? Judging from what I see when YES cameras show the Yankee dugout, Carter is a good guy whose teammates like him. Same for Sabathia. His and Carter's teammates are really pulling for them. As a fan, it's hard to understand, but it's good to see.

Tonight: Michael Pineda vs Kansas City's best, Jason Vargas. Just keep 'em in the game, Big Mike. Keep 'em in the game.

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