LADY AT THE BAT: Fear & Heartache Return From Toronto To Beat Yankees

Monday, May 1, 2017

Fear & Heartache Return From Toronto To Beat Yankees

I was glad to see that the Blue Jays won their first series of the year before they played the Yankees this season. However, it still stung to watch them win on Monday night at the Stadium. All the old fear and heartache that came from playing Toronto the past two years returned, and they weren't welcome visitors.

Luis Severino stood at the door and just waved them in like a blind man. Jacoby Ellsbury gave them rest and refreshment. And Luis Cessa's repellent was like plain water to them. It all added up to a 7-1 loss. The Yankees are now 0-1 in May, with not only the rest of this series to play, but with a huge series in Chicago against the World Champion Cubs this weekend.

Okay, I'll slow down. It does no good to get ahead of one's self.  Let's backtrack. I saw some good at-bats by Yankees hitters in this game, especially from Aaron Judge. It's so remarkable how he has turned himself around in so short a time. His one hit on Monday was an opposite field single which drove in the Yankees' lone run. Going the other way like that has to remind you of Derek Jeter. 

Derek Jeter 2.0.  That's what so many people are saying about Judge, based on his behavior both on and off the field. To be honest, I would rather call him New and Improved Derek Jeter. Jeter always said and did the right thing. Judge does too, but with him, it seems more genuine. Jeter did the right thing because it was the right thing. Judge does it simply because he wants to.

Then again, what do I know? It's just a feeling I have. I could be way off base. 

Next up: Tanaka Tuesday. Be the stopper an ace is supposed to be, Masahiro.

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Alyssa Cohen said...

I may be a Jays fan, but this was a great post!