LADY AT THE BAT: Gardy Ups His Trade Value As Yankees Beat Royals

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gardy Ups His Trade Value As Yankees Beat Royals

The more things change, the more they stay the same. A change of venue for the Royals' Jason Vargas led to the same results. Though he did pitch better, the Yankees didn't lose his number, and they beat him and Kansas City 4-2. 

One of the reasons for the victory? Brett Gardner. Nine home runs already! Gardner is definitely the team's MVP for the month of May. What a turnaround to his season. Now he has trade value. But, should the Yankees trade him?

With the glut of talented outfielders in the farm system, it would make sense on that level. However, Gardner seems beloved in the Yankees clubhouse. He's one of the team leaders. He's helped keep the team at or near the top of the AL East standings. Why upset the apple cart?

The only way it gets upset is if there are catastrophic blows to the starting rotation. However, the catastrophe would have to include face plants by kids like Jordan Montgomery, who will get the ball tonight, and Chance Adams, who is expected to make his MLB debut at some point this season. The kids will get their chances first, then the front office will look outside the organization.

Will Masahiro Tanaka be one of the reasons they look outside? No one knows what's wrong with the guy. If you want my unsubstantiated opinion, he hurt himself doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing, something forbidden by his contract. I don't believe all that talk about Asian honor. I think Tanaka is smart enough to admit when he's injured. He did that just before his UCL tear was found. Why wouldn't he do it now? He feels guilty about something.

The Yankees get another try at Danny Duffy tonight. Hopefully it'll go better this time.

The Judge's Chambers
At first I thought the Yankees were taking things way too far by giving Aaron Judge his own special cheering section in right-field. After all, he's only played about two months (not counting last season)--albeit, a great two months. However, after I thought about it, I realized they must have done it because they know Judge won't let something like this go to his head. He's a team player all the way.

It seems you get chosen to sit in Judge's chambers, by how you're dressed and so forth. Sounds like a lot of fun. All rise, and applaud the Yankees PR Department for their great idea!

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