LADY AT THE BAT: Sevy, Yanks Win Big While YES Makes Odd Decision

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sevy, Yanks Win Big While YES Makes Odd Decision

After Tuesday night's bullpen debacle, the Yankees really needed length from Luis Severino. He did not disappoint: 8.0IP, 4H, 0R, 0ER, 1BB, 7K. Dellin  Betances struck out the side in the ninth, completing the shut-out against the Royals, 3-0.

Severino seems to have come full circle now. After breezing through the minor leagues, and pitching so well in his 2015 debut season there was talk he should start the AL Wild Card Game, Sevy had a lost 2016. There was talk of giving up on him as a starter and converting him into a power arm out of the bullpen. The debate about it was more than heated, but the Yankees didn't listen to it. They kept him in the rotation and, it looks like they made the right decision.

So now, what about Masahiro Tanaka? He pitches the series finale today. The Yankees are convinced he is not hurt, and manager Joe Girardi has said he doesn't want to turn him into Spider-man. (An MRI reference, I guess.)  Pitching coach Larry Rothschild has spoken about going back to basics. Play-by-play announcer Michael Kay is surprised this is needed, having called Tanaka a wizard. (Or, was it a magician? I forget.)

In any case, big start for Tanaka today. Since it's a day-game-after-a-night-game, I'm assuming he'll be caught by Austin Romine,with whom he has had better results this season. We shall see.

The (Lack Of A) Net Bites Again
Late in the game, a young boy was hit in the forehead with Chris Carter's broken bat. He was treated by Stadium medical personnel and carried out (while conscious) holding an ice pack to the wound, as nearby fans applauded.  However, if you were watching the YES Network, you knew only that "someone" had been hit with the bat. Kay said, "That's the reason for the delay." YES cameras showed nothing, and nothing more was said about it. If WFAN's Chris Moore hadn't complained on Twitter about a lack of professionalism on the part of YES, I would have been none the wiser.

A Royals fan saw my exchange with Moore and tweeted that the Royals broadcast on Fox Sports KC also showed nothing, prompting Moore to suspect there was a new MLB policy, perhaps to keep ticket sales from dropping. But the fan then reported that Fox Sports KC did show the fan being carried out. Watch it here.

So why did YES choose a) not to show what happened, and b) to basically not talk about it?  Kay has had a soap box for this topic for several years, but he was virtually mum last night. Was Chris Moore right? Or was it what Royals fans tweeted, that it wasn't shown out of respect for the little boy?

Very odd. Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of it all very soon.

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