LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Find Charm Again With Win at Camden Yards

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Yankees Find Charm Again With Win at Camden Yards

In yesterday's post I wrote: "Those happy days in Charm City aren't even in the rear view mirror anymore." Well, last night the Yankees applied the breaks in a big way, and things were very charming, indeed.

Fourteen hits, including two home runs each by Brett Gardner and Matt Holliday, along with another stellar pitching performance from Luis Severino, and the Yankees were on their way to successfully turning back the clock to those turn of the 20th Century days, those days when Camden Yards was Yankee Stadium South.

In those days,what stood out mostly was the offense. During the last game of the previous home-stand, YES commentator Paul O'Neill talked about how the Yankees, whose offense had been scuffling a bit lately, would have a chance to build it up again in Baltimore. (I was skeptical, and wondered if he'd been watching any games the last several years.) He didn't mention the pitching, which wasn't always as great as it was last night. Severino continues to amaze, and I'm finally starting to believe that those days last season, when he struggled for the first time in his career, are gone forever. Starting to. We'll see.

Can Masahiro Tanaka build on his last start? If he can, and if he can regain his form, this Yankee rotation will be what no one expected it to be: one of the best in baseball.

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