LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Loss A Reminder Of Coming CC Departure

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Yankees Loss A Reminder Of Coming CC Departure

There's been a lot of talk lately about the Yankees' starting rotation, specifically, what they should do as the trade deadline approaches, if they prove to be contenders. I've listened to this talk, all the while wondering, as I've done in previous years, where an acquired starter would fit in the rotation.

It hasn't really been possible to just insert a new starter. Until now. The performance last night of CC Sabathia has to remind everyone that the veteran lefty is on the last year of his contract. After getting off to a good start last month, there was talk of whether the Yankees should bring Sabathia back in 2018 on a one-year deal. Well, he's been terrible for four straight starts now. If this continues, the solution is obvious. He should be designated for assignment to make room for a new starter, whether one is traded for or called up from the minor leagues.

From what we hear, Sabathia is very popular in the Yankees clubhouse, one of their leaders. I remember an outspoken Brett Gardner telling the media that Alex Rodriguez wasn't allowed to go out on his own terms. It would stand to reason that even more players would have something to say about a release of Sabathia. 

We fans would welcome it, of course. Sabathia was great when the Yankees first got him. They say a World Championship makes the acquisition of a player worthwhile. Whatever. I just know that CC Sabathia looks as if he's past his expiration date, and should be replaced.

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