LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Playing Like It's 1999

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Yankees Playing Like It's 1999

We're in the midst of Jeter Week, seven days of programming on the YES Network that will conclude with Sunday's number retirement ceremony at the Stadium. So, it's kind of fitting that the Yankees are playing a two-game set in Cincinnati right now against the Reds. After all, it was in Cincy years ago that Derek Jeter was named the team's 11th captain.

Jeter's old team has been playing the way it played during his heyday. At 21-9 they have the best record in baseball. Yeah, they're playing like it's 1999.

Who cares if it won't last? I'm having a hell of a time right now, aren't you? It's great seeing how well the kids are playing, which is obviously pushing the veterans toward success.

Speaking of success, how about that Aaron Hicks? It sure looks like the Yankees were right to be so high on him. Both he and the Yankees were a laughingstock last season, especially when GM Brian Cashman mentioned both Hicks and Jackie Bradley, Jr in the same breath. Well, who's laughing now?

One more game in Cincy tonight before a big four-game series against the Astros at the Stadium. Go Yankees!

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