LADY AT THE BAT: Injuries Top List Of Catastrophes To Befall Yankees

Monday, June 26, 2017

Injuries Top List Of Catastrophes To Befall Yankees

Since breaking their seven-game losing streak, the Yankees are 2-3, having lost both series on the recently-completed home-stand. Amazingly, they are still in first place (even if it is by mere percentage points).  As someone posted in an article link they tweeted, it seems as if no one wants to win the AL East.

Of course that's not true. Speaking only for the Yankees, it's been one catastrophe after another. If it's not an injury, it's an ineffective bullpen. If it's not an ineffective bullpen, it's an ineffective starting rotation. If it's not an ineffective starting rotation, it's a weakening offense. 

Let's deal with one of those catastrophes: Injuries. The latest to go down is Aaron Hicks, with an oblique. Remember when we were all anticipating a huge dilemma when Ellsbury was ready to come off the DL? Well, with Hicks going down and Ellsbury having successfully played in two straight rehab games, the problem seems to have solved itself. Don't be surprised if it turns out Ellsbury has met the team in Chicago for this week's series with the White Sox. 

I know fans don't want to hear it. The names Frazier, Fowler and Wade were all over Twitter once Hicks' injury was announced yesterday. However, there is that list everyone keeps forgetting about. It's called the 40-man roster. You can't get called up unless you're on it. None of those kids are on it. The only way the get on it, in my opinion, is if someone goes down for the rest of the season. 

Will Greg Bird be down for the rest of the season? Hard to tell. He seems to have made progress yesterday, after he ran on the field at the Stadium. I'm not aware of any problems resulting from it, so perhaps he's close to resuming his rehab assignment. He's still a long way from coming back, however, so Tyler Austin should settle in and enjoy himself. (Good riddance, Chris Carter!)

Did Matt Holliday enjoy himself too much in Oakland last week? We found out yesterday that the "allergic reaction" he suffered there still has not gone away. Allergic reactions don't last that long. Those words have to be code for something else. In any case, Joe Girardi said he hopes to have him in the lineup tonight in Chicago.

We'll see if Starlin Castro is back in the lineup as well. His wrist has been bothering him for six weeks??? One of my Twitter followers is convinced he injured the wrist during the collision he had with Aaron Judge at the Trop last month. He pointed out how far Castro's average has fallen since then, but I remember how Michael Kay and others expressed their lack of confidence in Castro's ability to keep hitting as well as he was hitting early in the season. Girardi set things straight after yesterday's game, saying Castro hurt the wrist on a checked swing.

Last, but not least, both Adam Warren and CC Sabathia seem to be making progress. Sabathia even threw a bullpen, and expects to pitch in a simulated game sometime soon.

Hopefully the Yankees won't play as if tonight's game is a simulated one.

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