LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Lose 7th Straight: Judge Homers, Ponders Derby Invite

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Yankees Lose 7th Straight: Judge Homers, Ponders Derby Invite

You can blame the Yankees' seventh straight loss on person: Joe Girardi.

I don't hate Girardi. So many fans do. Most of them are still living in the past. They're still attached to Joe Torre, and can't move on. Face it guys, Girardi is never going to be as good as Torre. He's just not, especially since luck played at least a small part in Torre's success. Girardi is not Joe Torre. It's unfair to make the comparison.

But, again, last night's loss is on Girardi. Bringing in Tyler Clippard in a tie game you needed to win was the wrong move. Clippard is one of the key reasons the Yankees went into tonight having lost six in a row. 

Maybe Giardi thought his offense would ward off another Clippard bad outing. I don't know. I just know he should have left Clippard in the pen, and/or waited until there was either a huge lead or larger deficit to let him try to find himself. 

So, now the Yankees sit a 1/2 game out of first place. On June 21st. Sounds great. As long as you don't think about the seven-game losing streak. Can the Yankees turn things around tonight? Jordan Montgomery will try to lead the charge.

Yesterday I cast my 35 ballot for this year's All Star Game. It was the first time I ever maxed out. Usually I just vote one or two times. But this year I wanted to do everything I could to get Aaron Judge to Miami.

He's definitely going, but will he participate in the Home Run Derby? As we all know, he's been invited. (Why wouldn't he be? He hit is Major League leading 24th HR last night.)  It seems as if no one wants him to go. They think he'll get hurt and/or mess up his swing.

If Judge doesn't participate, I'll understand, but it would be the greatest thing if he did. Look at it this way: the guy is SO strong, he wouldn't be straining himself out there. Also, he's participated in these things in the past and come through unscathed. 

Yeah, my heart would be in my throat with each swing, but it would be entertaining all the same. For all involved. Do it, Aaron!

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Unknown said...

Joe Torre was a .500 mgr for 3 teams with a substantial history to draw from, never thought of as a great one. I was not totally pleased when he was picked in '96. What he did do was get Joe Girardi to catch, using the age old adage of strength up the middle. His best trait was keeping the egos in that clubhouse in check. This was proven when he had the cancer scare, and the team almost fell apart with Zimmer running the show. The ship was righted when he returned. I absolutely feel that Torre cost the Yankees the 2001 and 2003 World Series' with his poor decisions and strategies. He also broke camp with the team unprepared his last three seasons, minimum. The Clippard decision not withstanding, and I agree with you on it, Giardi's forte' IS how he handles the pitching staff, but he's had a rough 2 weeks here with it. Overall though, he is much better with the staff than Torre ever was. I don't think Torre wins in 2009 if he is there.
All this said, the Clippard move was a bad one. And, this is the guy we saw with the Mets, and the one you saw most often in his career. Bring Brian Mitchell back!