LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Lose, But Another Gem For Severino

Monday, June 5, 2017

Yankees Lose, But Another Gem For Severino

The Yankees have today off after going 3-4 in the first seven games of their big AL East stretch. Losing two out of three in Baltimore could almost be expected, but I was hoping for something better than a split in Toronto. 

Luis Severino certainly did his part, more than holding his own against Blue Jays ace Marcus Stroman. In fact, Severino, himself, has to be considered an ace at this point.

He is in the top 10 in five major statistical categories among AL pitchers: ERA (7th), Strikeouts (7th), AVG (9th), WHIP (5th) and K-9 (8th). He also leads all Yankee starters in innings pitched.

Looks like another good decision by the Yankees front office. They could have listened to the bullpen outcry but they didn't. The kid's a starter and should remain a starter. 

How about those other front office decisions? Aaron Hicks probably stands out even more than Severino. Before that there was Didi Gregorious. Oh, and you can't forget Matt Holliday.

Then there is Jacoby Ellsbury. If you don't count Kei Igawa, Ellsbury's is probably the worst contract in Yankees history. But the criticism deserves a rest at the moment. Ellsbury's headaches, a symptom of that concussion, have returned. It's hard not to feel bad for the guy.

When you look at his injury history you know it's going to be a while before we see Jacoby Ellsbury again.  Until then, let's all enjoy that silver lining by the name of Aaron Michael Hicks.

Red Sox next. Go Yankees.

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